Friday, March 30, 2012

Fermented ketchup. Caveat on sauerkraut.

I'm finally getting around to making fermented ketchup, using this recipe:

Didn't have homemade tomato paste but used my crockpot to boil down 2 bottles of strained tomatoes.  Took a few hours and needed frequent stirring.  But I was in the kichen all day anyway.  Here I am at 11 p.m. finally putting the ingredients together.  Also don't have any whey right now, so I'm using skj (sauerkraut juice) for my starter.  I'm typing while the sea salt dissolves and I'll give it another stir and taste before spooning into the mason jar for fermentation.

Next time I make sauerkraut I'm going to try this recipe:
This page has information you should know about sauerkraut.  It may affect your thyroid, so eat it in moderation. 

UPDATE: Trying to find out more about the goitrogen content of sauerkraut has been quite confusing.  Some sources say lacto-fermentation causes the cabbage to have MORE  goitrogens, others say it suppresses goitrogens.  I'd be grateful for some authoritative info on this.

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