Friday, January 20, 2012

Day 4 of week challenge

For one week, I'm writing down everything I do to prepare food.  Not the buying, not the eating, just the cooking.  It's been mostly about making dinner, since breakfast is usually each person on his/her own, and lunch is usually leftovers from previous dinner. 


0900  Put chicken in crockpot on Low, sprinkle generously with sea salt.  Cover.

1100 Add ground turmeric, paprika and a little hot cayenne to the chicken - gives it a nice color and great flavor.

1215 Pretty late to start cooking lunch, but was busy with baby.  Wipe mushrooms with a paper towel, slice, sauté in ghee.  Meanwhile, wash and chop broccoli. Cut "bark" off broccoli stems and chop too.
1235 Remove mushrooms from skillet, add the broccoli and more ghee.  Toss frquently.
1300 Put mushrooms back in with broccoli, add salt and a crushed garlic clove. Serve with leftover spaghetti squash and meat sauce for lunch.But first a generous helping of picled carrots, green beans, broccoli, onions and garlic,with a drizzle of EVOO. 
1430  Chicken is cooked, but not too cooked.  Put skin on baking sheet for "chicken chips."  Remove all the meat from the chicken in the crockpot,  Return all the bones and cartilage to the crockpot, add 2 qts water, turn on High. Store the meat for later use, put skins in fridge.
1510 Done with sorting chicken,
1700 Turn crockpot to Warm,  Take open box of Aroy-D coconut milk from fridge, notice half of it is lovely clump of mostly oil, guess you couild call it coconut cream, and the rest is liquid.  Pour the liquid into a glass bottle, label it Lite coconut milk with yesterday's date (when the box was opened).  Spoon the "cream" into Vitamix blender (about 3/4 cup), add remainder of frozen mangoes DH left in fridge to thaw several days ago, must use soon, about 1 cup. Add 2 tsp Martinique rum. Process on High.  Pour into pudding cups, cover, refrigerate (found great glass pudding cups WITH LIDS (plastic) at a dollar store).
1720 Decide to make salmon for dinner.  Preheat oven to 375 F.  Defrost 4 salmon fillets in microwave, one at a time, about 2 mins each.  Meanwhile, clean up and dig into fridge to look for a side veggie to cook.  Find fennel bulb. Put salmon fillets in small square Pyrex, smear with coconut oil, sprinkle with Old Bay seasoning.
1735 Place salmon in oven.  Slice the fennel bulb.  Place slices on baking sheet.  No oil,, no seasonings.
1740 Put fennel in oven.  Peel one carrot, then keep peeling to make slivers for the tossed salad.
1745 Put baking sheet with chicken skins in oven (was in fridge).
1750 Remove salmon from oven. Continuing with carrot, switch to slices.  Put carrot slices and slivers in salad bowl. add previously fermented (pickled) carrot slices and 1 Tbs of the juice.  Add freshly crushed garlic clove and 2 Tbs EVOO.  Top with lettuce and sprouts.
1805 Fennel has brown tips. Remove from oven.  Wash cilantro, about 1/2 bunch.  Dry in salad spinner.
1810 Process cilantro in small but fast food processor until chopped fine.  Add about 1/2 cup previously fermented whipping cream yogurt and salt to taste, process until it's a lovely green sauce for the salmon (should also have put in capers, whole, or even pureed into the sauce).  Transfer to puddung cup to serve with salmon.
1820 Puree fennel in same processor without washing.
1830 Serve!
Crockpot still has simmering chicken broth, which I'll leave all night.

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