Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Why this blog?

My household is going on the SCD diet. We have 1 gluten-sensitive person with allergies, 1 Crohn's disease sufferer, 1 person with arthritis, and 1 person with mental health issues. Crossing my fingers SCD will help us all.

It's really hard not to cheat, so I have to learn FAST how to make all the LEGAL foods.

But I love the challenge, I love to cook, and I love respecting nature. That reminds me the SCD diet calls for a lot of meat. Ugh. I tend toward vegetarianism. But my CD sufferer's told me for years that meats get digested well, whereas raw veggies... pain, pain, pain!

I'm writing down my recipes, so why not post them too? That's why the blog.


  1. I'm really sorry if this question is quite dumb. What does SCD stand for?

    I'm currently on a strict diet, too. Been avoiding wheat and sugar and seeing improvements so far. My hormones were badly storming and causing all kinds of 'ugliness' and sick-feeling (no fever whatsoever, just feeling sick) before I went for my diet.

  2. Specific Carbohydrate Diet. The "specific" carbohydrates that are allowed are the monosaccharides - simple sugars, of which the only one found in food is fructose, the one that makes fruit sweet. Glucose and galactose are the other monosaccharides. All other carbohydrates are forbidden. They are the disaccharides, which include most sugars: table sugar, brown sugar, "evaporated cane juice", maple syrup, corn syrup, etc., and the polysaccharides, which include all starches: wheat flour (whole or white), rye, oats, barley, rice of all kinds, buckwheat, all cereals and grains, in fact, as well as corn starch, tapioca, potatoes and sweet potatoes, yams, cassava, green bananas, chestnuts, etc. Since lactose is a disaccharide it is forbidden, which cuts out regular milk, cream, ice cream, commercial yogurts and certain cheeses.

    The reasoning is that our digestive systems are designed to easily digest simple carbs like fructose, but cannot digest the combined ones like sucrose and starches. The result is that the undigested ones become food for bad bacteria in your intestine, so they proliferate and unfortunately their by-products are toxic to us. The result is a huge spectrum of inflammatory and auto-immune diseases as well as psychological illness of many forms. Read more about it on www.breakingtheviciouscycle.info.

  3. Specific Carbohydrate Diet. The Specific carb that is allowed by the diet is fructose (glucose and galactose are allowed too, but they aren't generally found in food). All other carbs are prohibited. This includes all other sugars and starches: table sugar, brown sugar, etc., flour, breads, pasta, etc, rice and other grains, cereals, corn starch, potatoes, sweet potatoes, and all processed foods containing any of the above.

    At first, the diet seems nearly impossible. No bread means no sandwiches, toast,

  4. HI Odile and Shawlett. Thanks for the info! It's a little bit hard to digest at first and it's definitely far more restrictive than my current diet which at least allows me to take rye, quinoa, buckwheat and most grains except for white rice and processed wheat--although my diet forbids most meat. I was raised with white rice so it was very hard for me at first. I was shaking like mad, fingers trembling and all, in the first few days but I grew stronger after a couple of weeks. The change of diet was definitely a challeng, I learned to cook and am beginning to be passionate about it, too. Most of all, I realized how unhealthy I would have lived the rest of my life if I didn't learn about these things this early.